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Welcome to our little hub of sugary dreams – where wishes are not as sweet as candy but dreams are bigger than life itself!  What sets our dreams apart from the rest?

Well, we would like to never dream of such things.

A people who turned from regular dreams to dreams of help. 

Once, our dreams were sprinkled with sweetness. Now, they're lit with the urgency of providing electricity, humanitarian aid, and other help for the people of Ukraine. 

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Meet our

Meet our

I used to dream of jet-setting adventures, lavish gifts, and endless holidays. But now, my dreams have taken a different turn. Take a peek at my wishlist to see what's caught my fancy.

ReRoot project lead

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Patronage project lead

I used to dream about rock concerts and traveling. Now it’s different. I'm dreaming about more people feeling safe and more – check my wishlist.


I used to dream of motorcycling and exciting travelling, but now I've crossed that out. You can check my wish list, maybe there is something that catches your attention? 

Humanitarian hub lead

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I used to dream of dancing and championships. That dreams are not in the wishlist anymore. Take a look at my updated wishlist.

Litokryl Camp lead

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One I  dreamed about driving day and night, extreme sports and living abroad. But now, my dreams have taken a different turn. Check our my wishlist to see what's my today dream.

Litokryl Space lead


Rescue Now is a modern startup in the world of non-profits. We are international foundation created by Ukrainians in the first days of Russian invasion. During the first year of operation, we have grown from three volunteers in Ukraine to becoming 501(c)3 organisations in USA and a team of 100. 

Our projects now range from a chain of spaces for psycho-emotional support for children to a patronage of elderly in the most remote parts of Ukraine. 

Humanitarian hub: 

We are regularly distributing humanitarian help for people in Ukraine and supported more than 400'000 people.


We help Ukrainian children to improve their psycho-emotional state in our 4 spaces in Ukrainian cities. 

We are providing people with seeds kits for them to develop own households and be independent. 



We help elderly people in Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid and psychological support. 

Ready to make changes?

By donating, you can bring our volunteers' dreams to life. Remember, these wish lists aren't just about dreams—they're about Ukrainians counting on your assistance for happiness and relief from suffering. 

Cross out dreams from the wish list.

Make donation = help Ukrainians. 

©2024 Rescue Now
501(с)(3) nonprofit organization
100% tax deductible | EIN: 92-0547301 

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